Specs and recommendations

NAPOKI Hi! is the first NAPOKI experience. It's being created with love and detail and we want to give you more information on the different elements that compose the kit. In this page you will also find more detailed information among tips and recommendations.


  • The compressed towels are presented in a tiny format of 2x1 centimetres and are made out of 100% non woven tissue. Cotton does not produce allegies and during its production, the minimum amount of chemicals is used. In adition, being non woven, the production is more respectful with the environment too.
  • The wood used comes from bamboo moso variety, compatible with the respectful explotation of natural ressouces.
  • The transportation tube is reusable. You can use it many times for many years.
  • All the kit is usable in restauration and hospitality, in a particular or pro environment, since it's hygienic and the towels are for a single use.
  • The kit can be reuses. The bamboo tray and the cotton and organic materials and they can be cleaned and reuses or recycled too. Carton for the packagind can also be recycled. The transportation tube has to be recycled in the appropiate disposal bin.
  • NAPOKI Hi! is not a toy and is not intended for kid's use. Kids under 5 years old should never use the kit under dault supervision. The responsible use with kids depends on and adult watching and suprvising.
  • Please, do not throw away any of the components of the kit in the WC. This is very important. Once you've used the towels, you can either clean them to reuse in the whasing machine or recycle them in the organic container.

Why cotton, not viscose?

Manufacturing viscose requires up to 18 chemical steps and lots of chemical products. We wanted the kit to be respectful, take care of every detail. Cotton is a natural fiber and requires a minimum use of agents to process. The impact to use nonwoven cotton is minimal compared to other texile fibers.